Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top Business Ideas - Top Ten Business Ideas for the New Decade and Beyond

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, and you're looking for ideas to start your own business, then we have a list of the top business ideas (we will break it down to the top ten) that many researchers believe will be red hot not only in today's economy, but will be able to sustain itself and remain red hot for years to come.

Now, there is no guarantee of success for any type of business start-up of course, but if you do your research and study current and future trends (such as demographic shifts), your chances of success will be greatly increased.

So without further ado let's dive right into the top ten business ideas (top business ideas) that figure to be red hot for the foreseeable future;

(1) Home Senior Care for the Elderly - With the ever-aging population and the demand for independent living by the elderly, businesses that can provide personal home care services to the elderly -- cooking, grocery shopping, physical therapy -- can position themselves for growth and profitability for years to come.

(2) The Boomer Revolution - As the baby boomer generation continue to age, opportunities for the astute entrepreneur will be bountiful. It is expected by the year 2020, that 80 percent of North American-born workers will be older than 50, this according to entrepreneur magazine. This will open up tremendous growth opportunities in area's such as retirement real estate, retirement recreation, resort services and personal care i.e. nutritional counseling to help boomer's look and feel better. I could go on and on. There are literally hundreds of money making opportunities that the opportunistic entrepreneur can tap into in the 'Baby Boomer Economy'.

(3) Wellness Industry - The wellness and natural health care industry is expected to exceed the mainstream healthcare industry in the very near future. As a matter-of-fact, the wellness industry is expected to hit the trillion dollar mark by the year 2012. Nutritional consultants and those who distribute wellness/natural health products and services will be in great demand here.

(4) Healthcare - According to the U.S. Department of Labor 10 of the 20 fastest-growing occupations are healthcare-related, and the industry will generate 3.2 million new jobs by the year 2018. This growth is due to aging population (graying boomers) which will result in the expansion of the home care industry (expected to increase by 50 percent over the next decade).

(5) Advanced (skilled care) Home Care for the Elderly - There will be an increase in demand for services that help the elderly that have temporary or permanent disabilities and illnesses, which will require 24 hour around the clock skilled nursing and medical care.

(6) Mobile Marketing Consultant - Now that mobile devices are part of mainstream society, there will be a growing demand for mobile marketing consultants that advise businesses on how to promote and market their business on mobile devices.

(7) Social Media Consultants - With the explosion and or dramatic increase in popularity of social media networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, there will be a tremendous demand for social media consultants who advise business on how to best position themselves and benefit from these social media networking sites.